In this project Trio Feedback explores the combination of different repertoires, spacing from renaissance to barock until contemporary music; the goal is to reflect on continuity and disruption in the history of music. This will be approached mainly by finding new tymbrical combinations for older compositions (transcriptions), and combining them with recent compositions related to the older ones for their structure, musical ideas or attitude (trans-compositions).

This project is very open, and will grow in the years keeping the same perspective.
Here are some examples of combinations:


J.S.Bach (1685-1750): selection from the art of fugue 


Libre de Vermell de montserrat (XIII cent.): canons

Steve Reich (1936-): Reed Phase (sax+tape or all the trio)


Terry Ryley (1935-): Thread on the trail

F. Landini (1325-1397): Si dolce non sono/ Dè, dimmi tu/ Chosi Pensoso/ Musica son/ Ciascun Vuoli


J.Schöllhorn (1962-): Madria (based on Landini's mottets)

J.Cornago (1400-1475): Moro perchè non dai fede


Llum Martin (2000-): Canzona di preghiera

Gesualdo da Venosa (1566-1613): Gagliarde a 4 voci





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