Composers Competition


   Trio feedback invites composers to present their ideas and their vision for a new composition for sax, accordeon and doublebass. A reading pannel will select some of these composers for a commission of a new piece and further collaborations. The new commissions will be performed during Mostra Sonora Sueca in spring 2023.





The Associación Activa la idea, with the collaboration of the Excm. Ajuntament de Sueca, propose the I
ARTSOM musical composition competition.

- Commission of an original piece of new creation, and that has not been premiered, between 7 and 12 minutes long.

- It will be written for the formation of the Feedback Trio (accordion, saxophone and double bass) and will be premiered at the 19th MOSTRA SONORA, which will take place in Sueca from June 1 to 4, 2023.

- The piece will be written for Feedback Trio composed of accordion, double bass and saxophone (in this last instrument its use is restricted to any of these four types: soprano, alto, tenor or baritone).

- It will also be possible to include the use of audiovisual processes (electronics, images, etc.) and new technologies, but all this must be previously discussed and agreed with Feedback Trio, as well as with the organization of the festival.

- The selected candidate will have the opportunity to work virtually and in person with the performers of the Trio Feedback.

- The face-to-face rehearsals will be in the town of Sueca the days before the official premiere at the 19th Mostra Sonora (from June 1 to 4, exact date to be determined). In any case, accommodation and stay expenses will be payed by the candidate.




The selected person will have as compensation of €1,000, intended as a fee for a commission for a newly
created musical work, taxes included.

Open to any composer of any nationality and with no age limit. The selection will be made by reading, listening and evaluating the materials sent to
The title or subject of the e-mail must indicate the I ARTSOM Musical Composition Competiton and must include:

1) A document (in pdf) indicating:
-Personal contact information
-Curriculum vitae
-Brief artistic proposal of the composition, title (if any) or any reference to the idea on which the creative process will revolve.

2) Two free works of own creation:
- 2 written scores of the candidate must be sent, which should be accompanied by a link to recordings, if any, for evaluation and listening by the selecting committee.



The interested person must make a bank transfer of €20, for registration, to the following account

  IBAN ES22 2100 1904 9302 0021 1632

The amount paid will be used for the costs of assessing the applications, and therefore will not be refundable under any circumstances.
The payment receipt must be sent along with the rest of the documentation by email, and the name of the candidate should appear. A team made up of performers, to whom the commission is directed, together with music specialists (who will be duly announced) will evaluate the works and select the winner.
All the information will be available on the websites: and at


Quality of the works presented and carried out previously.
Artistic quality of the artistic proposal presented.
The CV will be valued, but will not be a decisive factor in the final selection.

The deadline for submitting applications will be November 25, 2022, and the winner will be announced before December 23, 2022.
From this date, and in the following days, a contract for the piece will be drawn up, defining the final details. In any case, the piece must be completed and delivered to the performers with the deadline of
May 5, 2023*
The concert in which the work will be premiered will take place within the framework of the 19 MOSTRA
SONORA de Sueca (from June 1 to 4, 2023).

* Any modification of this deadline, or postponement in the delivery of the piece, must be approved and agreed upon with the performers of the Trio Feedback.










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